Advantage for Dogs (Green), 0-10 lbs
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Advantage for Dogs (Green), 0-10 lbs

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Advantage for Dogs (Green), 0-10 lbs, 4 month
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Advantage for Dogs (Green), 0-10 lbs, 6 month
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Advantage for Dogs (Green), 0-10 lbs, 12 month
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Advantage green flea control for dogs 0-10 lbs WE SELL ONLY THE LEGAL, EPA APPROVED ADVANTAGE. 4 and 6 Month Supply. SAY GOOD-BYE TO FLEAS! Kills 98% - 100% of fleas within 24 hours. Each card of Advantage contains four ampules, and one ampule will last up to 4 weeks.Directions:Simply cut tube open, squeeze contents between pet's shoulder blades, and relax. Advantage spreads naturally with the help of the pet's natural movement - providing immediate relief from fleas. Can withstand a shampooing between treatments.Advantage:
  • stops biting fleas in three to five minutes1
  • kills fleas quickly, which helps reduce the risk of secondary problems such as flea allergy dermatitis and tapeworms
  • within 12 hours, 98-100 percent of fleas are dead
  • Flea larvae is killed in the pets surroundings following contact with an Advantage treated pet
  • kills 100% of chewing lice within one week and lasts for a full month2
  • waterproof